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Feb 13, 2024


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Questions and topics:

  1. Let’s talk about Mindful Business Podcast

    1. What’s the topics you cover?

  2. Topic #1: discuss your experiences when you were a new leader.

    1.  What worked? What didn't? What would you have done differently?

    2. Do you emulate your manager's style? What have been your go-to management resources? 

    3. What is a good piece of advice that you’ve been given or that you impart to others that relates to leadership?

  3. Topic #2: building/Operating SaaS products (we can discuss securing them, what functions should be table stakes (data structures, logging, etc)

  4. Topic #3: What are bare minimums for building ‘secure’ Saas products in your particular field? And how do you balance security with a positive user experience (i. e. getting customers to buy into MFA/OAUTH, OTA updates

  5. Topic #4: Do many SaaS products get over-integrated? Is the need for integration override best practices in security? 

Additional information / pertinent LInks (Would you like to know more?):

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  2. The Mindful Business Security Show:

Show points of Contact:

Amanda Berlin: @infosystir @hackershealth 

Brian Boettcher: @boettcherpwned

Bryan Brake: 

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