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Apr 29, 2018



Container security


Jay Beale  @inguardians , @jaybeale



  • What the heck is a container?
    • Linux distribution with a kernel
      • Containers run on top of that, sharing the kernel, but not the filesystem
    • Namespaces
      • Mount
      • Network
      • Hostname
      • PID
      • IPC
      • Users
  • Somebody said we’ve had containers since...

Apr 20, 2018

Report from Bsides Nash - Ms. Berlin

New Job

Keynote at Bsides Springfield, MO

Mr. Boettcher talks about Sigma Malware infection.

**new website upcoming**

Registration is coming and will be updated on next show (hopefully)


Apr 11, 2018

Bryan plays 'stump the experts' with Ms. Berlin and Mr. Boettcher this week...

We discuss SIEM logging, and tuning...

How do SIEM deal with disparate log file types?

What logs should be the first to be gathered?

Is a SIEM even required, or is just a central log repo enough?

Which departments benefit the most from...

Apr 4, 2018

Megan Roddie discusses being a High functioning Autistic, and we discuss how company and management can take advantage of the unique abilities of those with high functioning autism.

Direct Link:


Matt Miller's Assembly and Reverse Engineering Class:

Still can...