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Feb 26, 2018

Topics on today's show:

NPM (Node Package Manager) - bug was introduced changing permissions on /etc, /boot, and /usr, breaking many systems, requiring full re-installs. Why was it allowed to be passed, and worse, why did so many run that version on production systems?

Code signing - a well known content management...

Feb 14, 2018

Direct Link:


Discussion of Ms. Berlin's course

CAPEC discussion

RTF malware MS Office

A Phishing story...

Mobile Supply Chain Security

CMS Supply Chain Security

Ms. Berlin’s course - recap of 2nd session


Feb 5, 2018

Show Notes:

Topics Discussed:

New tool : AutoSploit - Does it lower the bar?

How should Blue teamers be using Shodan?

Discuss WPAD attacks, what WPAD is, and why it's a thing blue teams should worry...