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Sep 22, 2019

Podcast Interview (Youtube):

Tracy Maleeff (pronounced like may-leaf) - 



Python secure coding class - November 2nd / 5 Saturdays @nxvl...

Sep 16, 2019



Infosec Campout report


Jay Beale (co-lead for audit) *Bust-a-Kube*  

Aaron Small (product mgr at GKE/Google)


Atreides Partners

Trail of Bits


What was the Audit? 

How did it come about? 


Who were the players?

    Kubernetes Working Group

        Aaron, Craig, Jay, Joel

    Outside vendors:


Sep 7, 2019

This evening, we all came together to spend a bit of time talking about the final Derbycon. We talk to Mic Douglas about his 9 Derbycon appearances, Gary Rimar (piano player Extraordinare) talks about @litmoose's talk on how to tell C-Levels that their applications aren't good.


We also got asked about how the show...