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Sep 22, 2019

Podcast Interview (Youtube):

Tracy Maleeff (pronounced like may-leaf) - 



Python secure coding class - November 2nd / 5 Saturdays @nxvl Teaching



Derbycon Talk: 



Nuzzel newsletter:

OSINT-y Goodness blog: 


Tomato pie:


Infosec is a service industry job (gasp!)


Customer service is an attitude, not department


Reference Interview:


    Does your org make it easy to contact you?

    What is your tone of writing?
    What does your outgoing communication look like?

    Reign in your attitude, language, etc…


“I am using an online translator” (great idea!)

What is your department’s reputation?

    Create an assessment of your department…


“I didn’t know there was humans in security?” --



    Be interested in solving the problem.

    Make interaction a ‘safe space’

        No judging, mocking

    LOL, “EE Cummings”


    Pay attention to what the end user doesn’t say.

    Don’t interrupt the end user




    Repeat back what the user said or asked

    Tone: Ask clarification questions, not accusatory questions



    Did security fail the user?


    Teachable moments

        Building trust/relationship equity

        “While you’re on the phone…”

    “Thank you for your time”


    Think of ways to create a culture of security

    Create canned emails

    Random acts of kindness

        cyberCupcakes!!!! Or potentially small value gift cards(?)

    Kindness as currency

        Christmas cookies 

            Spreading goodwill

        building relationship equity


        Lunch and learns


People can’t be educated into vaccinations, but behaviorial nudges help

    “Telling people facts won’t change behavior”





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