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Sep 3, 2023

Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed on this program are solely the views of the individuals involved and by no means represent absolute facts. Opinions expressed by the host and guests can change at any time, and do not represent views of past, present, or future employers.


Guest Bio: John is the CEO of Aronetics. An avid climber and runner, John has spoken at many conferences about topics like ZeroTrust, BIOS/UEFI security, communication security, and malware. Aronetics is a technology-enabled service provider. 


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Show Topic Summary:


John joins us to discuss “letters of Marque” in an effort for hackers to ‘hack back’... the overreliance on automation, and communication siloes. We also talk about what a ‘junior position’ in infosec looks like with AI doing all the “Level 1 SOC Analyst” type roles normally given to someone fresh to the security industry.


Questions and topics:

  1. Is infosec over reliant on automation? Automation comes with its own challenges.

    1. Documentation woes

    1. Automation is usually found in userland


Aronetics’ Thor provides defense and counter-offense tamper-proof technology digitally tied to 


Letter of Marque - good idea, or geopolitical disaster waiting to happen?

Siloes and communication -best ways to overcome those in an org and outside?

How do we overcome siloing?


Overcoming security challenges?Identity management - 2FA is everywhere, there’s already ways around 2FA, so what now? 3FA? Biometrics? Make everyone carry around physical tokens that we can lose?


Blog post:
What do we need to protect against? Nation states with quantum computers? Rubber hose cryptography?


Crime thrives in areas of low visibility. (threat detection - the crime thrives in low vis areas)


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