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May 13, 2014

Ever heard someone mention AES Encoding, or MD5 Encryption?


Many people in IT, Infosec, and Software development get confused about what Hashing, Encrypting, and Encoding.  We hack through the definition forest, looking for that Sequoia of understanding.

We also talk about Symantec's remarks that 'Antivirus is dead' and 'not a moneymaker', and what that means to the industy as a whole.


"Enkrypto" is the program I mentioned in the podcast.  It would appear that either s/he fixed it.  Still shouldn't be using an 'encoding' method to store SMS if they are of a sensitive nature... The screen shots still clearly show a Base64 encoded SMS, and still show it as a 'secured' message. :( plus, with a the option to allow an encrypted PIN with 4 characters, it would be trivial to crack even an AES encrypted message

Do not buy this app...



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