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May 28, 2021

part 2:

CTF OSINT discussion

How people will give additional information, even if they aren't receiving points for it.

Gamifying and motivating people to 'do the right thing', like offering a chance to win a lottery for a covid vaccine, or free sports tickets to get a shot, or gift cards when reporting phishes.


Joe Gray @C_3PJoe



New book… ship date? How to get it? 


"Gray provides a very accessible look at social engineering that should be essential reading for pentesters and ethical hackers."

— Ian Barker, BetaNews


Story (Bryan: found my shipmate from the Navy)


Gathering OSINT (what is ethically too far?)


OSINT heartbeat


The OSINTion Discord: 

stick/carrot interactions 

How do we motivate or create the desire? 


Ohio Covid lottery -

Art sessions with Ms. Berlin



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