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Feb 19, 2020

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Episode 2020-006

Book club

“And maybe blurb for the cast could go something like this. Book club is starting up again with Hands-On AWS penetration testing with Kali Linux from Gilbert and Caudill. You read and get together to discuss or demo every Monday. Get the book, start reading and meet us for the kick off Monday the 24 at 10pm eastern. The book club meets virtually on zoom, and organizes on slack..get invited like this.”




NolaCon Training:

Roberto Rodriguez 



@Cyb3rWard0g on Twitter

Threat Intel vs. Threat Hunting = what’s the difference?


What datasets are you using? 


Did you start with any particular dataset, or created your own?


Technique development - what skills are needed?

    C2 setup

    Detection mechanisms



How can people get involved?


Blacksmith - create ‘mordor’ environment to push scripts to setup honeypot/nets - Sudo buffer overflow


Mordor: The Mordor project provides pre-recorded security events generated by simulated adversarial techniques in the form of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files for easy consumption. 


YAML Example:


Notebook Example: 


Jupyter notebook - Definition: 


Lateral Movement - WMI - IMAGE Below



What is a Notebook?

Think of a notebook as a document that you can access via a web interface that allows you to save input (i.e live code) and output (i.e code execution results / evaluated code output) of interactive sessions as well as important notes needed to explain the methodology and steps taken to perform specific tasks (i.e data analysis).

Have a goal for expanding to other parts of ATT&CK?


Threat Hunter Playbook - Goals

  • Expedite the development of techniques an hypothesis for hunting campaigns.
  • Help Threat Hunters understand patterns of behavior observed during post-exploitation.
  • Reduce the number of false positives while hunting by providing more context around suspicious events.
  • Share real-time analytics validation examples through cloud computing environments for free.
  • Distribute Threat Hunting concepts and processes around the world for free.
  • Map pre-recorded datasets to adversarial techniques.
  • Accelerate infosec learning through open source resources.



Slack Channel: