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Dec 4, 2019

Realistic Threats 

Nation states aren’t after you 


What are credible threats?

Malicious insiders - 

Non-malicious insiders -

    Education issue?

    Is there such a thing as ‘non-malicious’ or is this just bunk?


Real threats  

CIO magazine threats -- buzzword threats (we should totally containerize all the things)

Vulns that have names (blue team is stuck dealing with ‘theoretical’ issues e.g. SPECTRE/MELTDOWN)

Lack of well-priced training?

    Dev Training?

    Security Training?


Better management communication will reduce threats

    Building trust so they don’t freak when ‘$insert_named_vuln’ shows up

    Gotta frame it to business needs

    “Everyone is vulnerable” - keep FUD to a minimum, don’t exaggerate.

    Know your industry’s threats (phishing, money transfer fraud, malware

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Layer8conf -


Regarding diversity scholarships, it's being worked on and the number of available spots will highly depend on the number of Sponsorships the conference secures.

As a side note WorkshopCon will sponsor a number of Layer8 conference tickets if people follow @WorkshopCon on Twitter and tweet to us why they are interested in Social Engineering and OSINT topics with hashtag #sendMeToLayer8. We will select folks from those tweets with the emphasis being on folks coming from underrepresented or minority groups.

In terms of sponsorship information for Layer8, Patrick wants people to send an email to

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thank you so much for giving us a hand spreading the word!!!


Saturday June 6, 2020, RI Convention Center


Conference in Las Vegas (Aug 6-7, 2020) (Thu & Fri)

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