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Sep 1, 2018

We are back with a new episode this week! We got over our solutions for some of the #derbyCon ticket #CTF challenges and include links to some of the challenges. We talk about Windows Event Forwarder, and all log forwarders seem to losing events!


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Gonna be at Derbycon, come see us!


Congrats to our Derbycon Ticket CTF winners!

Winner:  @gigstaggart

2nd Place: @ohai_ninja

3rd Place: @SoDakHib


Mr. Boettcher’s Challenge (SuperCrypto):


Ms.Berlin’s Challenge:





Mr. Brake’s Challenge:


Update on Mental Health GoFundMe:

Thanks to the #Derbycon organizers for their time and patience on answering the questions posed.


Missing event issues:


Some issues with missing events… Everyone is affected by this!


WEF & PowerBI is good for small installations.


Any GPOs involved?

Can it be done on a server by server basis?

Can an attacker simply disable the service once initial access is achieved?


Pros and Cons of feeding the WEF output to a MapReduce system?


Not sure if they've used it, but WEF vs. winlogbeat vs. NxLog?


Need a config?  Get some examples here for nxlog, winlogbeat, filebeat, Windows Logging Service and other stuff...

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