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Mar 19, 2018

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Topics discussed:

  • How Jay Beale (@jaybeale @inguardians) and Brad A. (@sno0ose) do mentorship and apprenticeship in their respective orgs.
  • Best methods to retool yourself if you are trying to move to a new industry
  • Why 'hitting the ground running' isn't the sign of an immature organization...

Matt Miller’s #Assembly and #Reverse #Engineering class

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Guests: Mr. Jay Beale

Guest: Mr. Brad Ammerman @?????????



RE/ASM class (Matt Miller)

SeaSec East Meetup at Black Lodge

Jay’s class at Black Hat

Slack channel



What jobs are good segues into either blue or red teams/pentesting?

SOC Analyst (network security, pcap, IR)

SysAdmin (obviously)

Cod devs (audits, binary analysis, they know the code internals)

System architects (they know the nuts and bolts)

Security architects (segue to red team, they know how to defend, threat analysis)

Project management /management (client/customer facing, can understand the business side)


Journeyman pipelines vs. intern pipelines

Different than interns = Already highly skilled in ‘something’

Code devs

Physical security


project/program management

System admin




Retooling can be difficult

May be a paycut

Fear of failure

How do we alleviate that? (mentorship model?)


Companies looking for skilled people can’t look for what they want

Think in the bigger picture


Is not being able to see the value in a non-infosec person coming to the team a sign of immaturity in a company?

The phrase “must be able to hit the ground running”

Turn off for those wanting to make that change

Feel they must already know the job


People should be considered as like a block of clay, not an immutable stone.

People can change if they want to…

2 party comfort zone. Both the person changing role/title, and the company understanding where the person sits in the position.


mentorship/menteeship in an org