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Nov 21, 2016

This week, Mr. Boettcher found himself with an interesting conundrum concerning what happened when he converted a Windows DOCX file to a PDF using a popular #PDF converter software. We discuss what happened, how Software Restriction Policy in Windows kept him safe from a potential malware infection, and about the logging that occurred.

After that, we discuss some recent vulnerabilities, like the BlackNurse Resource Exhaustion vulnerability and how you can protect your infrastructure from a DDoS that can occur from someone sending your firewall 300 packets a second... which anyone can do.

We discuss Robert Graham's recent run-in with a new surveillance camera and how it was pwned in less time than you think. And learn about the 'buenoware' that has been released that 'patches' IoT and embedded devices... But does it do more harm than good, and is it legal?

All that and more this week on Brakeing Down Security Podcast! 

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Recent tweet from @boettcherpwned about infected docx with macros and we discuss why Foxit PDF runs the macros and open_document:

Brakesec Podcast about Software Restriction Policy and Application Whitelisting on Windows:

Rob Graham @errataBob: new camera pwned by #Mirai botnet and others within 5 minutes:




Type 3, Code 3 (Destination Port unreachable)

#SHA1 deprecated on website certs by Chrome on 1 January 2017

#Benevolent #malware (buenoware)



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