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Oct 24, 2016

Join us for a special episode this week! I (Bryan) was able to attend my first Source Seattle convention. Two days of talks, technical and non-technical, combining red/blue team concepts, as well as professional development, to help you navigate the corporate waters easier.

I was able to interview a number of people from the conference. You can see a partial list of them here:


Chip McSweeney from OpenDNS (@chipmcmalware) and Rob Cheyne about the conference and got a bit of information about Chip's talk on "Domain Generating Algorithms" (DGA) that #malware use for domain C&C, and how to detect and reverse certain algos.

Rob Cheyne is the organizer of Source, so we talked a bit about the history and difficulties putting on 3 of these a year, and what makes the "Source" conference format so different.

Masha Sedova was one of the keynote speakersto discuss how she gamified her information security program and got everyone involved. Really excellent talk about changing organizational behavior.

Rob Fuller gave two days of Metasploit training, to show the versatility and to teach about the effectiveness of this tool. I also ask if Metasploit has reached it's end, since it's easily detected in many environments. Rob is a great interview and gives me his unvarnished opinion.

Mike Shema from discussed expanding and tailoring your bug bounty program to suit your organization and to ensure that your bug bounty program is mature. Using private bug bounties, and ensuring proper follow through in a timely manner can ensure maximum bang for the buck.

Last but not least, Deidre Diamond who did a keynote about 'Words to Stop Using now'. Deidre is the CEO of a national cyber security staffing company (Cyber Security Network) and Founder of a not-for-profit that empowers women in the infosec industry. Hear her thoughts on how leadership training is needed in the corporate environment, I ask her why we still need recruiters with hiring sites and why job descriptions are still a thorn in everyone's sides.

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