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May 16, 2016

Procurement is a process. Often a long drawn out, tedious process, but it is necessary to ensure that hardware and software is going to be what works in your organization.

We go over what is necessary to make sure your procurement is as smooth as possible. Some of the topics we discuss include:

1. Aligning business goals and operational goals

2. How to discuss ROI with management

3. Getting actionable information for business requirements from affected parties

4. Steering yourself away from confirmation bias or optimism bias, and ensuring you're thinking critically when comparing the current status quo vs. a new solution

5. Information you might want to gather from potential vendors to make a more informed decision as to whether their product is the one you want

And finally, we discuss how to handle the dread vendor demos. There may be a number of them, and they are arguably the best method of knowing the software or hardware is going to work for you.

This is a topic that affects everyone, whether you are a manager, or a user of the technology involved.

We also like to remind people that our DerbyCon CTF and raffle are still going on. There is plenty of time to get involved if you want a chance to get a ticket to Derbycon 2016!

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