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Nov 1, 2021

 From Nato’s email:

Hi Bryan,


Discussing the challenges that come with not having good logging in place could be a great topic!  We could make it partly about how security maturity works, in the idea that security generally starts with awareness and visibility.


The topic sort of gets into the idea that knowing is half the battle, so logging can be transformative for helping a company properly secure themselves from online risks!


What do you think of this topic idea?


(wouldn’t you know it… a couple additional google searches, and I find this -brbr)


Logging maturity in the US gov (OMB policy doc):


Are there examples of devices that don’t give out logs? What if your vendor does not allow you to have logs? Can you create logs based on the activity of the device? What would that look like?

Types of logs:

Application logs

Network logs

Endpoint security logs

OS logs

IDS/IPS logs

Vuln scanner logs