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Feb 19, 2017

Joel Scambray joined us this week to discuss good app design, why it's so difficult, and what can be done to fix it when possible.

Joel also co-authored many of the "Hacking Exposed" series of books. We ask him about other books that could come from the well known series.

We also ask about why the #infosec person often...

Feb 14, 2017

Mick Douglas is always great to have on. A consummate professional, and blue team advocate for years now, he teaches SANS courses designed to help defenders against the forces of the red team, pentesters, and even bad actors.

But this week, we have a different Mr. Douglas.  This week, he's here to talk about sales...

Feb 6, 2017

This week, we discuss sandboxing technologies. Most of the time, infosec people are using sandboxes and similar technology for analyzing malware and malicious software.

Developers use it to create additional protections, or even to create defenses to ward off potential attack vectors.

We discuss sandboxes and sandboxing...