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Feb 14, 2017

Mick Douglas is always great to have on. A consummate professional, and blue team advocate for years now, he teaches SANS courses designed to help defenders against the forces of the red team, pentesters, and even bad actors.

But this week, we have a different Mr. Douglas.  This week, he's here to talk about sales tactics, #neuro #linguistic #programming, leading the question, and other social engineering techniques that salespeople will do to get you to buy maybe what your company doesn't need, but thinks it does. We have some good times discussing ways to ensure the buying of your new shiny box at work goes more smoothly, what you should look out for, and ways to tell if they are over-selling and under-delivering.

Also, Mick has been working on a project near and dear to his heart. After discussing with @carnal0wnage a year or so back, he's fleshed out a spreadsheet that tracks attack vectors, and depending on what controls are in your environment, can show you how well a particular attack is against your environment. This would be a great asset to blue teams who might want to shore up defenses, especially if they are vulnerable in a particular area. Mr. Douglas is looking for comments, suggestions, and additions to his spreadsheet, and you can even download a copy of the Google Doc to try in your own environment, free of charge.

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