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Jun 30, 2017

Due to popular demand, we are adding the extra content from last week's show as a standalone podcast.


Michael Gough (@hackerHurricane) and Mr. Boettcher (BrakeSec Co-Host, and @boettcherpwned) sit down and discuss the popularity of ransomware as a topic

They discuss what email attachments to block, how to test...

Jun 22, 2017

This week, we discussed Ms. Berlin's recent foray to CircleCityCon, 614con (@614con), and her recent webinars with O'Reilly.

One topic we discussed this week was how to reach out to small businesses about information security. Mr. Boettcher (@boettcherpwned) had just came from a panel discussion about an initiative in...

Jun 14, 2017

Hector Monsegur (@hxmonsegur on Twitter) is a good friend of the show, and we invited him to come on and discuss some of the #OSINT research he's doing to identify servers without using noisy techniques like DNS brute forcing.


We also discuss EclinicalWorks and their massive fine for falsifying testing of their EHR...

Jun 6, 2017


This week, we invited Ms. Jessy Irwin (@jessysaurusrex) on to discuss the issues Small and medium businesses and startups have with getting good training, training that is effective and what can be done to address these issues.

We also go through several ideas for training subjects that should be addressed by...