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Aug 26, 2018

CTF information:

    Official site: (thanks Matt Domko (@hashtagcyber) for hosting and allowing us to use his employee discount!)

    Please do not pentest the environment, not DDoS, nor cause anything undesirable to happen to the site.

View the page, submit the flags, leave...

Aug 17, 2018

Post-Hacker Summercamp


IppSec Walkthroughs

Brakesec Derbycon ticket CTF -


Drama - (hotel room search gate)


  Personal privacy

  Ask for ID

  Call the front desk

  Use the deadbolt - can be bypassed

  Plug the peephole with TP

        Hotel rooms aren’t secure (neither are the safes)


Aug 9, 2018

HTTPS on, Libsyn RSS syncing of itunes/google Play is over TLS


Amanda giving a talk at Diana Initiative

Derbycon Talk - mental health

Volunteer/Topic request form -