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Apr 7, 2014

This week, we're leaving the Infosec track a bit, but this interview may be more important to being a person's development as a good Infosec person.

We interviewed Mr. Phil Beyer, Director of Information Security for the Advisory Board Company.  In addition to being a past president of the Capitol of Texas ISSA Chapter, he co-founded the Texas CISO Council, a regional steering committee composed of security leaders from private industry and the public sector.

He recently gave a talk at Bsides Austin about leadership, and how anyone can be a leader of men. It was very inspiring and something Mr. Boettcher and I thought would be interesting for people in any line of work, not just infosec would benefit from.  If you would like to hear his Bsides Austin talk, we have an exclusive audio copy of the talk, which you can find with his slideshare link here:

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Intro "Private Eye", transition "Mining by Moonlight", and Outro "Honeybee" created by Kevin MacLeod ( 
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