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Nov 27, 2019

Diana Initiative

@circuitswan @dianainitiative


Conference in Las Vegas (Aug 6-7, 2020) (Thu & Fri)




  1. Diana initiatives
    1. Past
      1. 2015 - idea at defcon 23
      2. 2016-17-18 growing but got too big!
      3. 2019 got our own space, ~800 tickets
      1. 2020 plans-westin again, 2 speaking tracks and 1 workshop track, solder village, career village, CTF, lock picking
      2. Mentoring both CFP and presenters this year! (expansion from last year)
      3. student scholarship (we want to double the amount of money, target still 10)
      4. Free tickets (expansion over last year)
    2. Present
      1. Slogan contest 2020
      2. I don’t want to think about 2021 yet :)
    3. Future
      1. Mentors
      2. Reviewers
      3. Volunteers
      4. Donations (giving tuesday, scholarships)
    4. Needs/wants


  1. Discuss how to add more DNI into your event (conference, meetup, slack, etc)
    1. Women in Technology Diana 2018
  2. Better job descriptions


  • Other topics of interests
  • Career village / resume clinic work in general (spoken on this twice, volunteer at resume clinic)
  • WAN party / Women’s meetup at Defcon with @sylv3on_ @nemessisc and more
  • GitLab security scans (that's me!) 


  1. We are responsible for baking Sec into DevOps and hence write the red team software (well integrate in most cases) for your appsec team if your devs are using GitLab. We have a security team that secures GitLab itself but that's not us. We have SAST, DAST, Dependency, Secret Detection and License Compliance baked into our paid tier, and SAST is coming down to the free tier! I’m pitching a talk about tuning to shmoocon because it seems like that's the most common question I got as a result of my devsecops talks at derbycon / shellcon / bsidesdc.
    1. N.Schwartz: Are you ready to leverage DevSecOps? BSidesDC 2019




2019 ShellCon Tuneup Tips for Your CV and Profile, From an Interviewer 


SE Village Con - Thu, Feb 20 - Sat, Feb 22 | Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace

Layer8conf -


Regarding diversity scholarships, it's being worked on and the number of available spots will highly depend on the number of Sponsorships the conference secures.

As a side note WorkshopCon will sponsor a number of Layer8 conference tickets if people follow @WorkshopCon on Twitter and tweet to us why they are interested in Social Engineering and OSINT topics with hashtag #sendMeToLayer8. We will select folks from those tweets with the emphasis being on folks coming from underrepresented or minority groups.

In terms of sponsorship information for Layer8, Patrick wants people to send an email to

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thank you so much for giving us a hand spreading the word!!!


Saturday June 6, 2020, RI Convention Center


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