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Aug 1, 2019

Intro - Ms. DirInfosec “Anna”

Call Centers suffer from wanting to give good customer service and need to move the call along.

    Metrics are tailored to support an environment conducive to these kinds of attacks

Social engineering will prey on people’s altruism 

    “Pregnant woman needing help through the security door”

    “Person on crutches”
    “Delivery person with arms full”

    “Can’t remember information, others filling in missing bits”

    Call Center Reps are _paid_ to be helpful. “Customer is never wrong”


Creating a sense of urgency to spur action

Real-life scenario: "bob calls asking about status of an order"


  1. What were you doing for training prior to these calls? (it’s alright if you weren’t doing anything) :)

Pre-training audio (#1 and #2)


  1. What was their reaction about the calls received?


  1. Did the training take the first time?
    1. What difficulties did you have after the first training?
    2. ‘Getting better Audio’ (#3)
    1. Fake calls?
    2. Show examples?
  2. Talk about the training, what kind of training:
    1. Post audio (#4 and #5)
  3. How did your call center reps handle the training?
  4. For a business standpoint, what had to be changed to accommodate the new processes


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