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Oct 2, 2017

*Apologies for the continuity this was recorded before we went to Derbycon 2017.*


Preston Pierce is a recruiter. We wanted to have him on to discuss some issues with our industry. So we had him on to discuss hiring practices, how a recruiter can help a company recruiter better talent, and how to stop companies looking for the 'unicorn' candidate.

Preston is a great guy and we learned a lot about how the recruiting process works, and how Preston's company work differently from other, less reputable companies.

We also discuss job descriptions, getting management buy in for a good candidate, and more. 

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 Show Notes:




Looking at job descriptions,

Fix if outdated or unnecessary




Be realistic about expectations




Better research of people

Discuss realistic demands from customers



Update your LinkedIn removing overly generalized terms (healthcare, for example)

When should you reach out to a recruiter? Right away? After you’ve already completed some leg work?

Companies do a poor job of marketing for their current openings.