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Sep 11, 2016

Nick Selby (@nselby on Twitter) is an independent consultant who works a wide variety of jobs.  During a recent engagement, he ran into an interesting issue after a company called him in to handle an incident response. It's not the client, it was with the Managed Security Service Provider (#MSSP). His blog post about the incident made big news on Twitter and elsewhere.

Nick's Blog Post:

So, we wanted to have Nick on to discuss any updates that occurred, and also asked an MSSP owner, Kevin Johnson, from SecureIdeas (@secureideas on Twitter), as Kevin is well versed with both sides, being a customer, and running an MSSP with his product, Scout (

We go over what an MSSP is (or what each person believes an MSSP is), we discuss the facts from Nick and his client's side, we try and put ourselves in the shoes of the MSSP, and if they handled the issue properly.

We also find out how Nick managed to save the day, the tools they used to solve the problem.  We did a whole podcast on it, and maybe it's time to re-visit that...

Finally, we discuss the relationship between an MSSP and the customer, what expectations each party should see from each other, and what are the real questions each should ask one another when you're searching out an MSSP.

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