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Sep 6, 2016

Paul Coggin is my SME when I need to know about anything network #security related. And this time, we wanted to have him on our show to discuss Software Defined Networking (#SDN)

Software defined networking allows for applications to make connections, manage devices and even control the network using #APIs. It in effect allows any developer become a network engineer.  Obviously this could be a recipe for disaster if the dev is not fully understanding of the rammifiications.

And there's more good news (if you're a black hat), there's no role based security, parts of the #specification isn't fully fleshed out yet, and there are vendor specific frameworks of their own, that may not be fully interoperable with each other...

Paul talks to us about some background of #SDN, some of the pitfalls and what you need to think about when implementing Software Defined Networking.


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