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Mar 14, 2016

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Hector Monsegur has had a colorful history. A reformed black hat who went by the name 'Sabu' when he was involved in the hacker collectives "Lulzsec" and "Anonymous", he turned state's evidence for the FBI, working to stop further hacking attempts by the same people he was working with.

This week, we got to sit down with Hector, to find out what he's been doing in the last few years. Obviously, a regular job in the security realm for a large company is not possible for someone with a colorful past that Mr. Monsegur has. So we discuss some of the methods that he's used to make ends meet.

Which brings us to the topic of bug bounties. Do they accomplish what they set out to do? Are they worth the effort companies put into them? And how do you keep bounty hunters from going rogue and using vulnerabilities found against a company on the side?

In an effort to satisfy my own curiosity, I asked Hector if he could explain what a 'deserialization' vulnerability is, and how it can be used in applications. They are different than your run of the mills, every day variety OWASP error, but this vulnerability can totally ruin your day...

Finally, we ask Hector some advice for that 'proto black hat' who is wanting to head down the road that Hector went. The answer will surprise you...

We hope you enjoy this most interesting interview with a enigmatic and controversial person, and hope that the information we provide gives another point of view into the mind of a reformed "black hat" hacker...


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