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Dec 10, 2015

#MITRE has a Matrix that classifies the various ways that your network can be compromised. It shows all the post-exploitation categories from 'Persistence' to 'Privilege Escalation'. It's a nice way to organize all the information.

This week, Mr. Boettcher and I go over "#Persistence" and "#Command and #Control" sections of the Matrix. 

Every person who attacks you has a specific method that they use to get and keep access to your systems, it's as unique as a fingerprint. Threat intelligence companies call it TTP (#Tactics, #Techniques, and #Procedures), we also discuss the Cyber #KillChain, and where it came from.

#ATT&CK Matrix:

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (shows patterns of behavior),_Techniques,_and_Procedures -- Cyber Kill Chain paper that inspired the ATT&CK Matrix

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