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Jul 14, 2019

MITRE Pre-Attack techniques

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Jul 9, 2019



Starting a new business (hanging the shingle)


What’s a way to become an independent consultant?

Especially if you don’t have a reputation?


Ben's reading list:

“Mindset: the New Psychology of success”


“Extreme ownership”

“Team of teams”



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Jul 2, 2019

Identity analytics


“Identity analytics is the next evolution of the IGA (Identity Governance & Administration) market. Identity professionals can use this emerging set of solutions combining big data and advanced analytics to increase identity-related risk awareness and enhance IAM processes such as access...

Jun 24, 2019

Tanya Janca (@shehackspurple)


DevOps Tools for free/cheap.

    They are all on github right, so they are all free?

    Python, Docker, k8s, Jenkins

    Licensing can be a problem

    Free-mium software, or trialware is useful?



    Nicole Becker

        Pixie - insecure instagram


Jun 18, 2019


InfoSec Campout Conference (Eventbrite, social contract, etc):

All Day Devops ( free talks online... Next conference starts 06 November 2019


Tanya Janca (@shehackspurple)

@wosectweets - Women of Security

DevOps Tools for free/cheap.