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May 7, 2018

GDPR will affect any information system that processes or will process people… like it or not.


Derby Tickets

    CTF and auction


    Converge Detroit

I’ll be at nolacon too


    Recap BDIR #3

Apr 29, 2018



Container security


Jay Beale  @inguardians , @jaybeale



  • What the heck is a container?
    • Linux distribution with a kernel
      • Containers run on top of that, sharing the kernel, but not the filesystem
    • Namespaces
      • Mount
      • Network
      • Hostname
      • PID
      • IPC
      • Users
  • Somebody said we’ve had containers since...

Apr 20, 2018

Report from Bsides Nash - Ms. Berlin

New Job

Keynote at Bsides Springfield, MO

Mr. Boettcher talks about Sigma Malware infection.

**new website upcoming**

Registration is coming and will be updated on next show (hopefully)