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Brakeing Down Security Podcast

Feb 29, 2016

We've reached peak "Br[i|y]an" this week when we invited our friend Brian Engle on to discuss what his organization does. Brian is the Executive Director of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center. 

"Created by retailers in response to the increased number and sophistication of attacks against the industry, the...

Feb 22, 2016

This week's super-sized episode is brought to us thanks to previous guest Cheryl Biswas. You might remember her from our "Shadow IT" (http:/ podcast a few months ago. She reached out to us to see if we were interested in doing a podcast on mainframe security with...

Feb 14, 2016

We first heard about FingerprinTLS from our friend Lee Brotherston at DerbyCon last September. Very intrigued by how he was able to fingerprint client applications being used, we finally were able to get him on to discuss this. 

We do a bit of history about #TLS, and the versions from 1.0 to 1.2

Lee gives us some...

Feb 8, 2016

This week starts with an apology to Michael Gough about comments I (Bryan) mangled on the "Anti-Virus... What is it good for?" podcast. Then we get into the meat of our topic... a person's "Moxie" vs. a mechanism

Moxie: noun 

 "force of character, determination, or nerve."


Automation is a great thing. It allows us to...

Brakeing Down Security interviewed on "Building a Life and Career in Security" podcast!

Feb 3, 2016

After we interviewed Jay Schulman on our podcast, Mr. Boettcher and I did his podcast!  Listen to both of us share our bios and learn how Mr. Boettcher and I met, and how our unorthodox ways of getting into information security can show that anyone can move into that space...