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Brakeing Down Security Podcast

Oct 29, 2017

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Adam Shostack has been a fixture of threat modeling for nearly 2 decades. He wrote the 'threat modeling' bible that many people consult when they need to do threat modeling properly.

We discuss the different threat...

Oct 22, 2017

After last year's SOURCE Conference, I knew I needed to go again, not just because it was a local (Seattle) infosec conference, but because of the caliber of speakers and the range of topics that were going to be covered.

I got audio from two of the speakers at the SOURCE conference (@sourceconf) on Twitter

Lee Fisher...

Oct 16, 2017

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We are back this week after a bit of time off, and we getting right back into it...

What happens after you enact your business continuity plan? Many times, it can cause you to have to change processes,...

Oct 7, 2017

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Mr. Boettcher, Ms. Berlin, and I went to Derbycon. In addition to the podcast with podcasters we did during the 3 days, I managed to grab another whole hour of audio from various people at the conference, just to give you an idea...

Oct 2, 2017

*Apologies for the continuity this was recorded before we went to Derbycon 2017.*


Preston Pierce is a recruiter. We wanted to have him on to discuss some issues with our industry. So we had him on to discuss hiring practices, how a recruiter can help a company recruiter better talent, and how to stop companies looking...