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Oct 23, 2020

  • Spokesperson: Neil Patel (Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer) 
  • Topic: Zero trust and segmentation market


What is Zero Trust and why should companies adopt a Zero Trust philosophy?


Amanda: What are one of the more important steps someone should take when looking to implement zero trust?

How does segmentation fit in a Zero Trust model? What are some of the challenges and benefits that come with segmentation?


Are there real-world examples of how segmentation has stopped a breach and how that relates to the Zero Trust philosophy?


How can Zero Trust principles help prevent the spread of ransomware or another security epidemic?


Do you need 100% asset mgmt already before implementing or is that part of what you do as well?


Integrations: you mentioned auth functions, but how integrated can Illumio go with your env? EDR? NDR? (saw on your site, you’re fully integrated with Crowdstrike falcon)


Tell us more about the Forrester Wave? What do the findings mean and why do they matter?