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Sep 28, 2014

This month, I wanted to go over a piece of software that seems to give a lot of people problems. In business, there is always a need for sending secure communications, whether because a client asked for it, or because sending sensitive information unencrypted could result in loss of profit, competitve edge, reputation, or all of the above.


This month's tutorial is on setting up PGP or GPG to be able to be more secure when sending emails. I show you commands that allow you to create public/private key pairs, and also discuss the software to be used on either Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.I mentioned signing and encrypting email attachments, and also explain that your headers are still unencrypted, so email metadata tracking is still possible.


Brakeing Security Podcast on PGP/GPG:

Windows GPG solution:

Mac GPG solution:

Kali/Linux RNG daemon instructions:

1. apt-get install rngd

2. rngd -r /dev/urandom (should make PGP creation on Kali much faster)