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Jan 24, 2023

Lots of Layoffs (meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Sophos, Alphabet, Google) talk about the future effects of that, did it affect security? Attack surface management is risk management, Breaches and the TSA no-fly list leaked, and more!

Full youtube video:


Questions and/or potential sub-topics (5 minimum):

Layoffs (fear, uncertainty, doubt), what it means for people,

“No fly list leaked”

Attack Surface Management: (issues with "step 0")


Additional information / pertinent Links (would you like to know more?):  - TMO’s 8k filing 



Show Points of Contact:

Amanda Berlin: @infosystir @hackershealth 

Brian Boettcher: @boettcherpwned

Bryan Brake: @bryanbrake 

Website: Twitch: