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Nov 3, 2014

One of the talks my colleague got to see was Paul Coggin's talk about Internetworking routing and protocols.  In this interview, we dicsuss some tools of the trade, how MPLS isn't secure, and why you should be doing end-to-end encryption without allowing your VPN or circuit provider to do it for you...

If you have any interest in network security, including the higher order network protocols like BGP, MPLS, ATM, etc...  You'll want to check out his DerbyCon talk, and our interview...


Paul's Derbycon 2014 talk -

Hacking SNMP tips and tricks:



Fx paper on Lawful Intercept:



Intro "Private Eye", transition "Mining by Moonlight", and Outro "Honeybee" created by Kevin MacLeod ( 
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