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Oct 17, 2021

Tony Robinson (@da_667)

Thought we’d put in a little news to round out the show - nuclear secrets hidden in a peanut butter sandwich

Similar device on ebay:  MSRP = $30 USD

Book changes


What is the end goal?


Independent consultant?


Bug bounties?

Lab setup - 


Lab setup types


Cloud based - 

Desktop/laptop/NUC - 

Server - 


Good VMs to - 90 day WIndows machines


What other home lab equipment have would be helpful?

Testing IoT/embedded devices?

Car hacking?

Malware analysis?

Virus Total Intelligence


@malware_traffic -

Analyzing binaries?

Patch analysis (patch tuesday, print nightmare, etc)?



Oscillators for voltage checks?


Old cellphones (mobile apps, don’t need cellular)

Personal assistant devices (used IoT devices?)

Accessing data stored on devices


Specific software licenses? 


If I’m trying to break into infosec, how do I use my lab to sell myself to an employer?

Does the employer care? 

How can someone show what they’ve learned in a way that shows the value?