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Sep 20, 2021


8 Steps to Better Security: A Simple Cyber Resilience Guide to Business is done all final editing and will be published by @WileyTech on October 5th. 


Pre-orders are available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.


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Harden your business against internal and external cybersecurity threats with a single accessible resource. 

In 8 Steps to Better Security: A Simple Cyber Resilience Guide for Business, cybersecurity researcher and writer Kim Crawley delivers a grounded and practical roadmap to cyber resilience in any organization. Offering you the lessons she learned while working for major tech companies like Sophos, AT&T, BlackBerry Cylance, Tripwire, and Venafi, Crawley condenses the essence of business cybersecurity into eight steps.  

Written to be accessible to non-technical businesspeople as well as security professionals, and with insights from other security industry leaders, this important book will walk you through how to: 

  • Foster a strong security culture that extends from the custodial team to the C-suite 
  • Build an effective security team, regardless of the size or nature of your business 
  • Comply with regulatory requirements, including general data privacy rules and industry-specific legislation 
  • Test your cybersecurity, including third-party penetration testing and internal red team specialists 

Perfect for CISOs, security leaders, non-technical businesspeople, and managers at any level, 8 Steps to Better Security is also a must-have resource for companies of all sizes, and in all industries.