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Aug 10, 2020 donation page:

Mick Douglas (@bettersafetynet on Twitter)


Netcat in a powershell environment

Defenses against powercat? 


Sigma ruleset:,grep%20on%20the%20command%20line.

ElasticSearch bought Endgame;

Twitter DM to @bettersafetynet:

Hey... I wanna talk about @hrbrmstr's tweet on the show tonight as well...

My thinking is if Cisco and others didn't try to intentionally downplay vulnerabilities by announcing them on a Friday, would we be more likely to patch sooner? Also, greater need for testing of patches to ensure that 80% of your workforce rely on that technology now. What's worse? Patching on a Friday evening (after several hours explaining the vuln to a manager), and then having it fuck something up so you're up at crack of dawn Monday troubleshooting something missed Friday night because testing was rushed/not conducted because the CEO can't access email?

I have thoughts, I've added this to the show note google doc.  -- nmap PoC script?

Embargoed vulns…

Getting management buy-in to patch