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Mar 29, 2017

We talked with Jason Garbis this week about Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). Ever thought about going completely without needing a VPN? Do you think I just made a crazy suggestion and am off my medications? Google has been doing it for years, and organizations like the Cloud Security Alliance are expecting this to be the next big tech innovation. So much so, that they are already drafting version 2 of the SDP guidelines.

So after talking with a friend of mine about how they were trying to implement it, he suggested talking to Jason, since he was on the steering committee for it. While Jason does work for a company that sells this solution, our discussion with him is very vendor agnostic, and he even discusses an open source version of SDP that you could implement or test out as a PoC (details in show notes below).

This is a great topic to stay on top of, as one day, your CTO/CIO or manager will come by and ask about the feasibility of implementing this, especially if your company assets are cloud based...  So have a listen!

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Show Notes:

    Hmmm… seems like a standard created by companies selling their products for it

        Have a product, create a problem, fix the problem...


How much alike is this to things like ‘Beyondcorp’?


De-perimeterization - removing all the bits ‘protecting’ your computer

    Treat your computers as ‘on the Internet’


2FA becomes much more important, or just plain needed, IMO --brbr



    How will development of applications change when attempting to implement these technologies?


    If we allow deperimeterization of legacy apps (like Oracle products), with a complicated security model, how do you keep these older apps under control?


    Can this cut down on the “Shadow IT” issue? Does the user control the certs?

    How does this work with devices with no fully realized operating systems?

        Phones, HVAC, IoT

        Legacy SCADA or mainframes?


    What is the maturity level of a company to implement this?

        What minimum requirements are needed?

            Asset management?


        Who/how do you monitor this?

            More blinky boxes?

            Will WAFs and Web proxies still function as expected?

    Are there any companies companies were this is not a good fit?

        What’s the typical timeline for moving to this network model?

        What’s the best way to deploy this?

            Blow up old network, insert new network?

            Phase it in with new kit, replacing old kit?


        How do explain this to auditors?

            “We don’t have firewalls, that’s for companies that suck, we are 1337”

Other than “scalability” (which seems like regular solutions would have as well) I’d like to know what real value they provide