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Jan 12, 2017

We start Brakeing Down Security with a huge surprise! A 3rd member of the podcast! Amanda #Berlin (@infosystir) joins us this year to help us educate people on #security topics. During the year, she'll be getting us some audio from various conventions and giving us her perspective working as an #MSSP, as well as a blue team (defender).

We start out talking about new #California #legislation about making #malware illegal. What are politicians in California thinking? We work through that and try to find some understanding.

With all the various secure messaging systems out there, we discuss how why secure messaging systems fail so poorly with regards to #interoperability and the difficulties in getting average non-infosec people to adopt one. We also discuss #Perfect #Foward #Security and how it prevents people from decrypting old messages, even if the key is compromised.


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---Show Notes---

News story:


“If this legislation gives prosecutors the tools that they didn’t have before, where are the cases that they have lost because they didn’t have these tools?” said Brandon Perry, a senior consultant for NTT Com Security. “Authorities are focused on prosecuting criminals that they can’t even find, as opposed to educating the victims to prevent this from happening again and again.”


Ransomware won’t infect you if you watch training videos:


Secure messaging - stuck in an Apple ecosystem

    Too many, no interoperability

        Signal, Whisper, Wickr, Wire, WhatsApp, FB messenger

        I uninstalled Signal… can’t convince people to adopt something if everyone cannot message one another --BrBr


OpenPGP is ‘dangerous’

    Forward Secrecy -

        “A public-key system has the property of forward secrecy if it generates one random secret key per session to complete a key agreement, without using a deterministic algorithm.” (input given gives the same output every time)

Perfect Forward Secrecy - “In cryptography, forward secrecy (FS; also known as perfect forward secrecy[1]) is a property of secure communication protocols in which compromise of long-term keys does not compromise past session keys.


Ms. Amanda’s pentest homework: