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Nov 1, 2016


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Every year, organizations come out with industry reports that show how well or, more often than not, how poorly we are doing.

We always even reviewing the BSIMM report, because it's an unvarnished, and a good measure of a good number of industry verticals, like finance, manufacturing, cloud, and even companies that make IoT devices.

Join Mr. Boettcher and I this week as we go over the findings of the report, discuss what got better, what still sucks, and what shouldn't we fault companies for not having.

We also have a teachable moment when I discuss a security paux fas that happened to me (Bryan) recently regarding an email account and my Skype. 2 factor authentication is your friend, and if it's available, use it.

Mr. Boettcher discusses some recent malware that has reared it's ugly head, and how to detect it.

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