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May 9, 2016

Windows has all the tools you need to secure an OS, but we rarely use them.  One example of this is 'Software restriction policies'. Which is a method by which you can block certain files from being saved anywhere, what file types can be executed in a directory, and can even whether or not you should allow software to install.

We also discuss the use of parental controls as a cheap, easy method of restricting users to access certain websites, installing software from iTunes store, or restricting access to certain functions or applications.

Also, the 2nd clue for our CTF can be found in this podcast... see if you can find the giant clue... :)

**NOTE: We had an issue with Mr. Boettcher's Windows 10 install, he's using Windows 10 Home, which does not appear to have Applocker or Software Restriction Policy by default.  So, I cut a lot of us bickering^H^H^H^H discussing how to get it to work, so the middle around 25:00 mark will feel a tad off. Apologies... I should have stopped recording.


Links referred to during the podcast:  - LOL, mentions the use of ‘parental controls’ to restrict systems


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