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May 2, 2016

You might have heard "Network when you can, not when you have to..." The art of network is creating connections and nurturing relationships that benefit everyone. This week we discuss building networks, creating people networks that allow for free sharing of ideas and knowledge. Whether it be a professional organization,like ISSA or ISC2 meetings, or you just get a bunch of people together to have coffee on a Saturday morning.

We also brainstorm ideas on how people in our community keep their skills sharp, and why some seem to allow them to atrophy once they get a specific certification or degree. We cite examples of things and actions that allow you to gain more knowledge, and to ensure your company will still see you as an SME. CPEs can be gained in the most simplest of methods. Just by listening to this podcast, for example, you can receive one CPE (1 hour = 1CPE) there are many other ways of getting them. and we cite several in this podcast.

We also discuss the continued use of unsalted, weakly hashed passwords in systems, and why a recent breach of a custom Minecraft implementation allowed it to occur.


But I think the most exciting part of the podcast is theannouncement of the 1st annual Brakeing Down Security PodcastCTF!The details can be found in the podcast.

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