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Apr 8, 2016

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Fresh back from my vacation, Mr. Boettcher and I got to discussing things that have weighed on our minds, and I had a story from my travels that fit in perfectly with our discussion.

What does our industry (Infosec Practitioners) to motivate people to be secure? Is it a language barrier? I don't mean Spanish/English, but do we do a good job at speaking "user"? How can we do a better job at that if we find ourselves failing? How can speaking 'manager' or 'VP' help us get help that we need? For many, it's like the difference in communicating with someone who speaks Mandarin.

We discussed the need to educate people against thumbdrive insertion, even in the face of a study of people inserting random thumbdrives into their computers. We discuss the motivation of users who do so, whether it's altruistic, or malicious:

We discussed an app logic flaw that were found recently in the news:

Which is exactly what we were talking about when talking to Ben Caudill a few weeks ago about app logic flaws. This flaw has been in the app for a good long time, and while the security researcher saw fit to report it, the ethical implications of keeping it secret could have cost Domino's a lot.

Mr. Boettcher gives us a report of Bsides Austin, and how it's grown in the past few years. We finish up discussing infosec conferences and how they appear to be thriving. Is it good marketing, or are companies finally understanding their importance?

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