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Feb 10, 2015

Extra special treat this week!  We do a continuation of our review of the Top 20 Security Controls, in which we do #14 and #15, which all of you will find very interesting.


But the real reason we are posting this today is the Call for Papers and Call for Mentors for the Bsides Las Vegas Proving Grounds! We invited Magen Wu (@tottenkoph) on to discuss. If you've ever asked yourself "I'd like to give a talk, but they'd never put me on"  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! :)

This is a great opportunity if you're a veteran speaker, or just want to give back to the community at large... You can mentor a n00b to help them create a topic, help them hone their paper, and be with them when they give the talk at Bsides Las Vegas in July.  

Many thanks to @tottenkoph and @securitymoey. They need your help, both as a mentor and a mentee.  This is also an excellent networking opportunity. You get 1-on-1 access to an often influential mentor, someone in the infosec community, and your talk will be seen by several hundred people. hmmm.... maybe I should put one in :D



SANS #14-10: 

Ensure that the log collection system does not lose events during peak activity, and that the system detects and alerts if event loss occurs (such as when volume exceeds the capacity of a log collection system). This includes ensuring that the log collection system can accommodate intermittent or restricted-bandwidth connectivity through the use of handshaking / flow control.




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