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Oct 25, 2014

In an effort to educate ourselves for an upcoming interview, we sat down and talked about SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). We get into the basics, the ins and outs of the protocol, the different tools that use (or exploit) SNMP, and we talk about how to better secure your SNMP implementation. YOu should listen to this, because next week's interview will knock your socks off. :)

Finally, We end with a DerbyCon interview Mr. Boettcher snagged with our friend Mr. Kevin Johnson about how we need to regulate ourselves with regard to a code of ethics, before someone regulates us... When one 'white hat' can run code on a server he/she doesn't control (unpatched Shellshock) and thinks it's okay, where do we draw the line from what is right, and what violates the CFAA? Mr. Johnson looks for an answer with our Mr. Boettcher. 

Wikipedia SNMP article:

SNMP Primer:


SNMP vulnserabilities -

SNMP Primer (IBM):

SNMP amplification attacks:

Securing SNMPv3:




Kevin Johnson/James Jardine DerbyCon Talk:



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