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May 27, 2023

BrakeSec Show Outline – No Guest


Show Topic Summary (less than 300 words)

Bsides Seattle and Bsides Austin


Youtube VOD: 


Questions and potential sub-topics (5 minimum):

  1. Bsides Seattle update and Bsides Austin

  1. Patching the unpatchable


  1. Power and influence  (is power bad? Is influence?)

5. (A Theory of Creepy: Technology, Privacy and Shifting Social Norms)

(contact info for people to reach out later):


Additional information / pertinent Links (would you like to know more?):

(contact info for people to reach out later):


Show Points of Contact:

Amanda Berlin: @infosystir @hackershealth 

Brian Boettcher: @boettcherpwned

Bryan Brake: @bryanbrake