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Jan 18, 2022

Adam Baldwin (@adam_baldwin)
Amélie Koran (@webjedi)

F/OSS developer deliberately bricks his software in retaliation for big companies not supporting OSS.

Faker.js -  Generate massive amounts of fake contextual data
Colors.js -  - npm package/colors get color and style in your node.js console

Should OSS teams expect payment for giving their time/code away for free? What are their expectations

Should open source projects be aware of how popular they are? What happens when they reach a certain level of popularity?

OSS Sustainability -

Apparently, “Hobbyists” were the bane of a young Bill Gates: (can you
History of open source

Licensing Overview:  (this was a talk I gave for Splunk on this --AK)

Event-stream = monitors 5,039,738 open source packages across 32 different package managers, so you don't have to.