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Sep 14, 2020

Nice to see stories about using Win10 as a pentest platform.

Was always a PITA to update Kali or whatever. @secjuice

One reason I enjoyed Dave Kennedy’s ‘pentester framework’ --brbr

Speak more to the need for process improvement. Trying to embrace a new ‘agile’ methodology is bunk.  Find inefficiencies, work to improve those, collect metrics to show improvements.

Lead to an excellent segue to our book club. 


By the book, - used books on Amazon going for less than $10 USD

Thursday 17, 2020 -  7pm Pacific

FEEDBACK: "Gotta say I’m really enjoying this book. It has my mind moving in so many directions - our team’s change initiatives and desires, the agency-level initiatives, other change leaders in our org and their tools/techniques and successes/failures."

This came up during a discussion on our Slack.

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